A few things happened…

Washington, DC, USA

As hard as it is to believe, I’ve had some kind of presence on the web for over a decade now. And, for more than a decade now, that web presence has yo-yoed between being active and neglected. I think that’s how most Internet-folks work.

Obviously, for the past couple of years, this site has been in the “neglect” phase.


  • You know how, on your birthday, someone always asks “do you feel any older?”
    A couple of birthdays ago, I actually did. Not too long after that, my now-fiancé asked me, “do you think you’ve out-grown anything that you used to like?” I said, “blogging.”
    Truth be told, there is an awful lot on this site that I now feel self-conscious about. I’ve taken down a couple of posts where I really feel like I over-shared, and I’ve even been tempted to take the whole site down. (It’s the confessional posts like this one that I am the most uncomfortable with. Ironic, huh?)

    I think a lot of people grow quieter and more private as they get older, so it makes sense that I’m far less interested in “blogging” than I was back in undergrad. So, the website has sat.
  • Facebook
    Besides, in terms of the things that I have wanted to share, Facebook has actually been a much better place to do so than this website ever was. And I’m less shy about admitting to being a facebook user than I am to admitting that I have a personal blog. It seems less egotistical, even if it’s probably more so.
  • Nana
    Almost exactly 5 years ago, I quit my job in DC so that I could take care of my grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I cared for her 24/7 for a year, and then 24/5 for almost another year. I blogged about it quite a bit. Remember?

    My grandmom died on October 1, 2008. Partially because I wanted to provide an account for other Alzheimer’s caregivers, and partially because I wanted to have a record of her last few days, I made up my mind that I would write a long blog post chronicling how things all came to an end.

    But a LOT happened during her last few weeks in this world. And, although I’m still thankful that I had the opportunity to share Nana’s last two years with her, I’m really not sure how to wrap that up into a nice little take-away article.

    On top of that, I tried to devote the months immediately after her death to myself and enjoying my freedom. It worked out better in theory than in practice, but I still had some nice times.

    So, I never got around to writing that post. (I still have at least 3 drafts saved, but it just never happened. As odd as it sounds, I even tried again when my guinea pig, Forrest, died, but it still never happened. I guess this will have to do.) I told myself that it wouldn’t be right to post again until I wrote that long post. And I never did. Thus, the blog withered!
  • Busy!
    2011 has been the busiest, and probably the best (although 8th grade was pretty awesome) year of my life. Just this year, I’ve gotten engaged (!), been on Who Wants to be a Millionaire (!), gotten a promotion (!), seen the Dalai Lama speak (!), danced with Matt(!), traveled in three countries and booked a flight to a fourth, seen my mom go through cancer treatments, and really gotten into How I Met Your Mother. And the years between my last blog post and 2011 had a lot going on, too. There was a lot to write about, but less time than there could have been.
  • I’ve been lazy.
    No surprise there.

Despite all of this, I’ve been wanting to bring this site back more and more over the past few months.

I’m a TV news producer. Whether that makes me a “journalist” is debatable, but, at the very least, my job is journalistic. And so is my personality. I like finding little-known stories, and I like sharing them.

There really is something about everything on the Internet, but sometimes there really isn’t all that much. I’m always doing semi-weird things on weekends, and I always want to read more about them. But I come up blank way too often when I’m researching some of the obscure things that I’m interested in doing. I can’t be the only one googling things like “baseball in Costa Rica,” “Tijuana soccer,” “Kish Island passport stamp,” or “abandoned US-Canada border posts,” can I?

So, I’m hoping to bring this blog somewhat back to life, but less as a web journal and more as a place place where I occasionally write about things I’m doing/interested in that don’t have much information already on the internet. A lot of it will be about sports, but not all of it. And I’d imagine more of my traffic will come from Google than from frequent readers, but it would be awesome if you’d come here frequently anyway.

I’m planning on writing a fair amount about my experience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Leave a comment if you’re still out there!